Sotts Press for the Under-Mobile Athlete
Video by Kirsten Ahrendt

The Sotts Press is a great accessory lift to work on mobility – especially thoracic extension – and also stability as you hold your position. That is, unless, you don’t have enough mobility or stability to perform the movement as prescribed.

So what do you do if you find yourself in this scenario on Sotts Press day and you still want to give it a go? Coach Kirsten has just the modification for you! All you need to perform this version – in addition to the bar and rack you’ll already be using – is a medium sized band.

Setting Up & Executing Your Banded Sotts Press

  • Place your band at hip height on the upright portion of the squat rack.
  • While facing the post, step into the band and place it across the thoracic region (upper back). The purpose of the band is twofold: 1) It encourages thoracic extension – something that many athletes lack and one of the main reasons people can’t Sotts Press properly; and, 2) It allows you to sit back into the squat by providing a counterbalance.
  • Grab your barbell or PVC pipe and hold it in the front rack position.
  • Step back until there is tension on your band.
  • Lower yourself into the bottom of your squat. This depth could be different for everyone but the most important thing to remember is that you should be able to hold tension wherever your “bottom” is. This position should be active and difficult to hold.
  • Brace then press the barbell overhead while holding the bottom of your squat.

We love this way to make an awesome accessory lift accessible to everyone! If you’ve struggled with Sotts Press in the past or you want to add some much-needed mobility or stability work to your warm-up, give this version a go and let us see by tagging us @crossfitinvictus.

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