Solutions for Common Mobility & Stability Issues
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer
(Follow-Up to: Mobility vs Stability published on December 11, 2017)

In yesterday’s blog post, Mobility vs Stability, I talked about some common mobility and stability issues that prevent us from moving through full ranges of motion. Be sure to read that post first as it will help you identify whether more mobility work or stability work would benefit for your fitness. Once you have identified your issue(s) then read on below for a few drills to incorporate into your routine to address those issues.

If you have recognized that mobility is your biggest issue, then here are few common cases and solutions. Dr. Aaron Horschig is one of my favorites and has great drills for each. Each of these drills and stretches can be added in 2-3 times a week for 3-4 minutes a piece.


Banded Joint Mobilizations for Stiff Ankles

How to Stretch Your Ankles


Banded Joint Mobilization for the Hip

How to Fix Knees that Crack & Pop During Squatting


How to Improve Thoracic Spine Mobility

The Simple Five Way Shoulder

When it comes to stability, many of the exercises that will aid in adding stability to your joints and lifts come in the form of accessory exercises. These accessory exercises can range from isometric holds, single-arm or single-leg dumbbell and kettlebell movements, banded exercises, unilateral movements, etc. There are a wide range of movements that will help improve your stability. If you are familiar with, and regularly follow, the Invictus blog then you are well aware of some of the unilateral dumbbell and kettlebell accessory work. These are all beneficial and should be a prioritized portion of training.

I have a few favorites as well that I’ll list below. Each can be done in 3 sets of 10 1-2 times a week.


Scapular Retractions & Band Pull-Aparts
(This is actually my own video from several years ago.)

Single-Arm Ring Row
(Ring rows are totally underrated. This is a personal favorite.)


Monster Walk

Cossack Squat

If you are having a hard time identifying what your needs are, please ask a coach. Your coaches are there to help and see you improve, so if you think mobility or stability could be a limiting factor in your growth never hesitate to ask.

As always: Stay Humble. Stay Hungry.

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