3 Tips for Smooth & Seamless Double-Unders
Written by Kirsten Ahrendt

For those athletes who already have a good understanding of the rhythm and positions for double-unders, here are three things you can make focus points for smoother and more seamless reps. 

Tips for Double-Unders

Hand Position 

They should remain in a “box” area around your hip that is 6″ in front, 6″ wide (basically, hands should be flicking first IN FRONT of your hip, not beside and then behind.) The closer your hands get your hips, the more relaxed your arms can be when performing the task. This requires that you become pretty efficient at this movement.


Make sure when you’re jumping you’re not flaring your rib cage out. This should also set you up better to “spring” off the ball of your foot rather than than have to “jump and lift” your feet. You want to feel like this is a “rebound” rather than an effort-filled jump. Keeping your eyes on the horizon will help to keep your spine neutral


Especially in workouts try to remind yourself to exhale while you do these. You’ll stay calmer and less anxious in the arms and chest.

For more tips on rope jumping starting with the basics, check out: The Ultimate Guide to Double-Unders

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