“Slim for the Chimney” Success with CP!
Interview by Jaimie Bougie

Jaimie:  CP! I’ve heard that you’re doing great on the “Slim for the Chimney Partner Challenge”!  Care to tell the competition what they are up against?

CP:  Best challenge yet!!  Gone down about 15+ pounds but more importantly feeling great, sleeping well, steady energy and down a pant size!!

Jaimie: Tell us who your partner is and why you two decided to be partners in crime for this challenge.

CP: It was a no brainer that Cynthia Lumley and I pair up.  We are very much alike in our attitudes towards working out and eating clean.  We text each other when we don’t see each other after a day or two to make sure we’re doing ok.  Usually it’s me that has a sudden urge to jump ship but she’s always there to support and encourage me.  Pairing up was the best idea because we hold each other accountable.  We feel like we’re cheating on and letting the other down if we deviate from our original goal.

Jaimie: Do you have any secret tips that you can share with us on how you’ve been so successful thus far on the challenge?

CPPete’s Paleo delivery has been the big one for me.  The diversity in foods and ease have been amazing to stay clean.  It’s helped motivate me to make sure I have a plan when working out my meals for the week. And being accountable to someone else.  It’s not in my character to let someone else down.

Jaimie: You and Cynthia both are heavily involved in pet welfare organizations; if you were a dog, which breed of dog would you be and why?

CP: That’s a tough one put probably a Golden Doodle.  That’s a Golden Retreiver and Standard Poodle.  Poodle’s are so smart and usually a little sassy.  Everyone loves Golden’s and they have it right…work for food and play hard!
(editor’s note: Cynthia said that she would be a Cocker Spaniel – but not the fru-fru kind)

Jaimie: It is rumored that you guys are considered “Sister Wives” – is this considered an unfair advantage in this challenge?

CP: Haha, I don’t think so.  I think most teams in the challenge either started as friends or have become them from working together.  I know this experience has brought the “Sister Wives” even closer.


  • Cynthia

    Right on! LOVED seeing this when I woke up. CP, you’ve done a great job in the challenge and I’m very proud of you!

    That is one of my favorite pictures ever. I sure do miss hocializing with Nancy Pants!

    • Jim Hollywood

      Why are you guys punching her boobs???

  • Steph

    Great work CP!

  • Nice Job CP!!! I sure do miss our Nancy 🙁

  • Nancy

    Awww….. I just read the blog! CP- can’t wait to see you after photos – Congrats on being clean! I miss hocializing at 0600 with you and Sinner! This Air Force crowd is not the same as you guys – oh wait, you are AF! Great photo of the Masters!