Should Runners Mobilize? Yes They Should!
Videos by Nuno Costa

Invictus Endurance Coach, Nuno Costa, shows you how to avoid IT band syndrome, which is common in endurance and CrossFit athletes. This drill can be done before your run, or even better, on your rest day(s) so that you can really put some focus and energy into it. Whether you use a barbell, a foam roller or a ball, use this drill to help break up the tight fascia that is the IT band to eliminate hip and knee pain as well as compensation in your running form which can lead to a plethora of injuries.

No matter your sport or activity, your feet are a very important factor in how you move and perform. Think of it this way, would you rather run on cement blocks or on feet that splay and move with you and the surface you are on? In this next video, Coach Nuno goes through several self myofascial release (SMR) drills to keep your feet healthy – especially if you’re a runner and endurance athlete.

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