Beautiful Saturday morning to meet for a tempo run – we met at Balboa Park nice and early 7am and we warmed up as a group and had an opportunity to spend some quality time going over run mechanics drills and how they will help improve everyone’s form and help them save energy over the course of an endurance event.

We focused on minimizing the upper body rotation as we did the charlie’s angels drill and the hands behind the back drill.  I think it was super helpful for people to do these drills with their core engaged and doing it when it was not engaged so they could see the difference and how that might impact their running.  To sum it up, keep it engaged J

Angel and Trasie were joining us for the first time and it looks like they’re going to blend in super well with the group – it was great to see some new faces and it will make our track night on Wednesday super fun with the entire run group.

It was fun seeing some improvements already just from the first week, people were running more confidently and faster, just watch out in 4 weeks…

Homework run – suggested to do Monday: Warm up with run mechanics drills. 2 minutes on, 1 minute off 6-8 rounds depending on how much energy you have. You want to cover the same distance on all the rounds, if you find you can’t then call it a day.  See you all at the track on Wednesday.

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