Road to the CrossFit Games: Prep Camp at the ‘Petras Compound’

All of the hard work has been done and now it’s time for some last-minute fine tuning, strategy, practice and play! Here’s one of the first looks inside the Pre-Games Camp with Team Invictus and Invictus Masters Jenn Ryan. Thank you, Bobby Petras, from the @mastersfitnesscollective and @madapplecrossfit for hosting our Training Camp in Fort Wayne, Indiana! The athletes spent the past week at what we lovingly refer to as the “Petras Compound” for some last-minute preparation and bonding.

Every year, Team Invictus heads out to the midwest a week early to put the final touches on their teamwork, solidify strategy, and spend every waking minute together to become as close as possible (ACAP) leading up to Games. It’s hard work, but it’s also a fun time for the athletes and coaches alike. This group is especially close already so it’s just icing on the cake to be able to live together at the compound for the week.

A typical training day starts with team breakfast followed by a morning workout at the compound. The compound offers some amazing options for runs, swims, paddle boarding, and pretty much any other outdoor activity you can come up with. Biathlon? We’re covered. Alligator wrangling? Check, all good there!

After the morning session, the athletes take a short break that includes team lunch and discussion and recap of the morning. Their coaches, Holden Rethwill and Hunter Britt, are both excellent strategists at the Games level, each of them having competed previously for Team Invictus. Now that the physical prep is basically complete, they focus on the small details that will give the athletes an edge in competition and could make or break a podium finish.

After lunch, everyone heads into town to Mad Apple CrossFit where they graciously allowed us to take over their facility for a good part of each afternoon for the afternoon training session. This session is focused on weightlifting, gymnastics, and the worm. All the typical stuff you’d see in the day-to-day programing. Basically just maintenance and a couple of strategically placed heavy sets and the athletes will be primed and ready so smash some weight this weekend!

The session is followed by another debrief and bodywork. We are fortunate enough to work with some of the best body workers – miracle workers – in the industry and are thankful for them being able to travel with us. We also love our Normatec boots and Theraguns!

The evenings are for fun! Dinner and Netflix at the Compound or a night out on the town. Don’t worry, they are still in bed by 9pm so they can get their beauty sleep and do it all again the next day!


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