Reflection is Valuable
Written by Ricky Moore

Wow. It’s been 6 full months of 2021 and so much has happened and been accomplished. So much has evolved and built new habits, patterns and relationships not only with others around them but with themselves.

Life tends to happen so fast and we tend to stay present on what is happening here and now and I think WE sometimes forget what has happened not only in the past 6 months but also in the past, well, couple of years. So much good has happened inside the gym with crazy PR’s, new skills and just gratitude for little things. But let us take some time to recognize and take a thought down memory lane.

In January of 2020, I had the privilege to coach five athletes at U25 Weightlifting Nationals in Pleasanton, California. There I learned a lot as a coach and about these five individuals. This past week, I again had the honor to coach six athletes in the same Nationals in Detroit, Michigan. I am so incredibly proud of these athletes because of everything they had going on in their personal lives and what they overcame in the gym. WE lifted on uneven ground in 100+ degree weather. WE created crash pads for weights, squat racks and lights to make it the best possible experience we could.

The CrossFit staff put the schedule and rules for the season basically at the beginning of January and the coaching staff at both locations and around the country put together gameplans for hundreds of athletes to be the best-prepared with whatever was available to all the athletes. I remember the Competition Class doing hundreds of burpees and dumbbell snatches in 40 degree weather and still smiling with black marks on their faces, shoulders and clothes. Over 40 of our local athletes qualified for Quarterfinals!

Of those, WE qualified THREE teams and TWO individuals to Semi-Finals! Invictus Sorrento Valley finished 12th at the ATLAS Games via Online. This the first time a team from Sorrento Valley has qualified for Semifinals (aka Regionals) in the 5 years it has been open.


Teams Invictus and Invictus Unconquerable punched their tickets to the Games to keep the amazing ‘two-team tango’ at the CrossFit Games, along with individual athletes, Dani Speegle and Regan Huckaby.

Sorrento Valley’s own Bianca Miller also qualified for the Crostift Games Teen Division taking 3rd overall in the worldwide Open in her age group (14-15 Girls). Oh, she also won Youth Nationals Weightlifting in the 59kg weight class.

I understand when new things are thrown at us, both positive and well, not so positive, WE tend to hyperfocus on our accomplishments and forget about the progress WE make in the gym, outside the gym, mentally, and as basic human beings.

WE can’t do this alone and WE are not alone. This COMMUNITY, at Downtown, Sorrento, Seattle, Boston, Brasil and online are all part of a TEAM.

The coaches, staff, family and so many other people have done such an amazing job not only in the gym but as human beings to bring positive success to each other.

But none of this is possible without YOU. Every single one of YOU reading this here and now are the glue, the backbone, the energy, the frustration, the desire and the evolution that makes this GREAT COMMUNITY.

WE are a great team.

Now if you have made it this far I have two objectives for you. First, I want you to reflect on this past 6 months (you may do longer if you want) and just sit and celebrate it. There is something to celebrate for each and every one of you. Second, if you would be so kind, share your reflection with me in the comments.


PROGRESS IS PERFECTION. Let us continue to progress and still reflect throughout the rest of the year.

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July 18, 2021 3:18 pm

6 months have passed…
I was able to train again at the beginning of the year,
unmotivated and aimless by the pandemic I couldn’t train focused, and with the % I had in my Lpo movements, I lost rhythm, strength and conditioning.
I managed to focus on the last two athlete periodizations and got back to hitting my 100% on lpo and conditioning is getting better.
Confident in keeping the focus for the 2022 open to secure a spot in the quarter finals and maybe a semi final.
William from Brazil