The Importance of a Quarantine Routine
Written by Michele Vieux 

Staying in a routine with daily tasks helps you get other things done too. It’s the same idea of using ‘keystone habits’ to set yourself up for success in other areas of your life. Although it would be easy to let things slip while you are confined at home for a couple of weeks, if you create a routine to stick to, instead you will be able to use your time to accomplish all those things you’ve been talking about doing for ages but never got around to.

Your quarantine routine will look different depending on the person, or family. Many families are homeschooling during this time and because of that, already have a pretty solid schedule figured out. 

For couples without kids, roommates, and single folks, hours can be spent in front of the television just vegging out, wasting many-an-opportunity. Remember, the routine isn’t being used to create rigidity. It is being used so that it becomes the ‘keystone habits’ that help you be productive during this time. 

Sample Quarantine Routine

Here is a sample quarantine routine for a childless couple. Even though it is on a timeline, it is fluid depending on weather, energy levels, at-home work to complete, and other factors. 

7am – Wake Up Time! Enjoy coffee, breakfast and catching up on the news/social media/etc.

7:30am – Clean-up the House. Clutter can accumulate quickly when people are home more than usual. Keeping things orderly and clean will allow you to be more productive so set up your day for success by starting off as clean as possible (ACAP).

8am – Work from Home. If your job doesn’t have this option or you are recently unemployed due to COVID-19, use this time to look for temporary work or doing some sort of online educational activity. There are many resources popping up on the daily for this! Are roommates or family members interrupting your work? Order yourself some noise cancelling headphones! Besides blocking out a lot (not all) of the distractions, wearing them is also a visual signal to others not to disturb you with questions or chatter.

12pm – Physical Education Time! This can vary by the day and depending on the weather. Follow an Invictus At-Home program, shoot baskets in the driveway, take a walk, learn to play Pickleball (America’s fastest growing sport!). Get creative here – it will become your favorite part of the day!

1pm – Lunch Time. Prep food as a family and grill outside, if possible to get some sunshine and Vitamin D (read more about why that’s important). 

2pm – Work from Home. If the weather permits, set up an outside office to work from in the afternoons. If you’re not working from home then use this time to work on your home! Start going down that projects list and see how many you can get checked off in the next few weeks!

6pm – Dinner Time. Get everyone involved! If you live in a walkable area, consider ordering takeout from your favorite local restaurant to support them during this time. 

7pm – Reading and/or TV Time. Putting this at the end of the day ensures that your binge-watching Netflix only lasts a few hours per day. Surely there are some interesting documentaries you can watch during this time. Let us all know what you’re enjoying!

10-11pm – Bedtime! Although it is tempting to stay up all night to extend your binge watching window, resist that urge and stick to whatever your normal bedtime is. Besides keeping you in your routine for when things go back to normal, your body will thank you because you aren’t messing up your circadian rhythm and therefore your hormones which control your life. Don’t forget to start the dishwasher before you retire so you can get everything put away during clean-up time tomorrow morning!

What’s your quarantine routine? What are you binge watching? Share your tips with everyone else out there and let us know here at Invictus how we can support your health and fitness during this time! 

Invictus Quarantine Resources

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The Invictus Athlete YouTube will supply you with a daily video with ideas for at-home workouts, mobility routines, mindset and nutrition. 

Free workouts are posted daily in our Performance and Fitness programming tracks and there are a variety of options to choose from depending on what equipment you have available, and even if you have no equipment. We’ve got you covered!

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