“Pushing off The Ground” to Correct Hip Height in Oly Lifts
Written by Jared Enderton

This can be such a game changer for those athletes who are already set in a good position from the start (read: Hip Height in Olympic Lifting), but, still have an issue with their hips rising too soon off the ground in a Snatch or a Clean. Instead of thinking of the initial lift off the ground like a pull, think of it like a push. If athletes deadlift form isn’t great, their hips tend to lead the way already on deadlifts. So to say, “Keep your chest up more when you’re pulling”, sometimes doesn’t click with athletes.

I think it can be very useful to think of the initial lift off the ground as a PUSH. Why? The back angle should be staying almost the exact same all the way until about low thigh. Just like in a back squat or front squat, we don’t want the back angle changing. Why do front squats and back squats have so much carryover to the olympic lifts? The back angle shouldn’t change in either one when done correctly! So thinking of it like a push may be the cue you need to help keep your chest up more instead of your hips rising too fast right away. Thinking of pushing the ground away from you may be a totally different feel than you’ve had before.

If your hips are rising too soon, eliminate the word “pull” from your thoughts and only think of PUSHING (like a squat) off the ground!

There are more tips for your start position in this video, but, we wanted to just focus on your shoulder position for this post! For more tips from Jared, including video review of your lifts, join the Invictus Weightlifting Program online! A new cycle starts March 21st (but you can join anytime)!

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