Proudly Announcing…Invictus Boston
Written by C.J. Martin

More than 9 years ago we set out to make a positive impact on the lives of others in our San Diego gyms. We built an incredible community centered around self-improvement, teaching and learning life lessons through the medium of health and fitness, and doing so with the support and encouragement of other like-minded individuals. We’ve openly shared our methods and experience to help others find similar success, and in turn have been rewarded with friends willing to do the same. It is this spirit of sharing knowledge and learning that has led us to today’s proud introduction of Invictus Boston!

CrossFit Back Bay and CrossFit Fenway will become Invictus Boston (CrossFit Invictus Back Bay & CrossFit Invictus Fenway) under the leadership of Josh Plosker and his incredible team. I have known Josh since 2011 and have always been impressed by his passion and ability to lead, teach and help others maximize their potential. He has created amazing communities in Boston around the same principles that have driven our success in San Diego – commitment to excellence in coaching and member service.

Our partnership with Josh and the Invictus Boston crew will allow us to better collaborate and identify best practices for training and serving the members of our communities.

Please join me in welcoming the entire Boston crew to the Invictus family!

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