Invictus Member, Jena Casagrande, elated after 17.3 while visiting her friends at
CrossFit Training Yard in Los Angeles.

Props to Our Members Who Stood Strong Against 17.3
Written by Arielle Bloom

The CrossFit Open is a five-week online competition that takes place in CrossFit gyms all across the world. Every Thursday evening for five weeks, a new workout is released and we get the opportunity to watch top athletes try out the workout on a live feed. These workouts are known to be grueling, featuring movements we all know and love, and they are meant to push us past our limits. The energy that fills the gym as athletes complete Open workouts each week is invigorating and inspiring. Because of the energy of competition, it is very common for athletes competing in The Open to accomplish many CrossFit “firsts.”

17.3 brought us a complex snatch/chest to bar pull-up ladder that required serious focus and calmness. On a running clock, the ascending weight of the snatch coupled with the ascending repetitions of chest-to-bar pullups could have easily led to rushing and burning out way too soon. The members we are highlighting this week were able to stand strong against the stress of the running clock and the pressure of the increasing weight on the barbell.

Congratulations to the following members: Jena Casagrande (Downtown), Shenelle Higbee (Invictus Online Gymnastics Athlete), and Matt Freda and Ruth Laughary (Point Loma).

Jena got her first chest-to-bar pullups during this Open workout, and went on to complete quite a few of them!

Invictus Online Gymnastics Athlete, Shenelle, was able to hit a 155lb snatch because her chest-to-bar pullups improved drastically after working on them with Coach Travis.

Matt Freda, having only started CrossFit in December, not only registered for the 2017 CrossFit Open, he came amazingly close to hitting a 185lb snatch during this week’s workout. He recently signed up for semi-private coaching with Holden, and his coach, Kim, believes he will pass 200lbs soon!

Ruth Laughary had her five-month-old baby girl by her side to support her as she crushed the scaled division of this week’s workout. She was able to hit two snatches at 115lb, and while Coach Kim and the rest of us are impressed, her daughter slept through the whole performance.

Once again, the Open workout has showcased what an amazing community we are surrounded by, near and far. This week we encountered the importance of staying calm in the face of a challenge, and we are all impressed with the level of mental strength each of our members have. Each week our members continue to surprise themselves, and inspire us to continue working to be our best selves. On behalf of all the coaches at Invictus, here’s to the conclusion of another great week in the CrossFit Open!

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