Preparation Tools for CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.5
Written by C.J. Martin

If you like the sport of CrossFit, you have to love this workout. These are two classic CrossFit movements in a rep scheme that make the workout interesting and challenging. And if you did this workout at the end of last year’s Open, this is also a phenomenal opportunity to test your progress. I would love to see scores for this workout from all those who performed this last year, trained consistently for the last 10 months or so, and then hit it hard this weekend.

Let’s review some basics to ensure that you are set-up to make the largest improvement possible.


Inspiration and Goal Setting

Mental Preparation
Heidi Fearon’s Open Workout 12.5 Guided Visualization

Physical Preparation
Kelly Starrett’s Open 12.5 Warm-Up

Carl Paoli’s Breakdowns from 2011 – 11.6

I hope everyone has fun with this final Open event of the 2012 season.  I also hope to see at least 200 people at Invictus on Friday night – first to cheer on our athletes as they finish off the CrossFit Games Open, and second, to celebrate the participants and winners of the 2012 Look Good, Feel Good Challenge!  We will have lots of amazing food, sweet treats and some beverages.  It’s going to be a great time!