Preparation Tools for CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.2
Written by C.J. Martin

There are so many factors that contribute to athletes’ success. Week by week I will do my best to help you all address some of these factors by introducing you to concepts and coaches that I look to for the athletes I have the pleasure of working with.

Mental Preparation
First and foremost, you must be in the right mindset to compete and achieve your full potential. If your mental game is off, or if you lack focus, this could be a nasty 10 minutes for you. Snatch is a complex movement that requires your brain to be firing on all cylinders. Set aside 7-8 minutes of quiet time to listen to the guided visualization below. Heidi Fearon is a fantastic resource for athletes and has been instrumental in helping Invictus athletes prepare for competition.
CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.2 Visualization with Heidi Fearon

Establishing A Game Plan
Along with preparing your mind, you must also prepare a plan. Workout 12.2 is not an event that you can just show up at and expect to go hard for 10 minutes for optimal results. Rather, you need to have a sense for your own abilities, how your body deals with different rep schemes, and how your mind regulates the monotony of 90+ reps of the same movement. From that understanding, you must develop your own map with some guiding landmarks to keep you on course throughout the 10-minute work period. Set some goals for yourself. When do you want to hit 30 reps? When do you plan to hit 45 reps, or 60 reps? Having concrete goals can help to keep you on pace and focused.

Efficiency is king in a high-rep workout like this one. I understand that the first 60 reps are light for many of you, but that does not mean you should rely on your strength to speed through those reps. Be precise from rep 1 to 100. Your snatch mechanics should not change based on the load you are moving – where you receive the barbell should.

Reps 1-30 will require only a very slight re-bend to pull under the barbell. Many of you will want to muscle snatch the weight, but I would strongly suggest establishing and maintaining good explosive hip extension and flexion – even with 75/45 lbs. You will lose little to no time by pulling under a few inches and squeezing your backside to stand back up. The benefits will be that you save those little external rotators of the shoulder that will start to fatigue and make 165 lbs feel like 365 lbs. Reps 31-60 will require a deeper pull under the barbell, and reps 60-90 will require even more pull under while hopefully staying in a power position (above parallel) for the majority of the reps, and then dropping deeper as you begin to fatigue. At reps 91 and above, you better be quick and aggressive in the pull-under to give yourself the best chance possible to hit this load.

For most athletes, reps 1-30 should be achieved at a smooth and steady pace, and broken once or twice. You should not be going so fast that you cannot maintain a steady, rhythmic breathing pattern. The quick break (or two) gives you an opportunity to shake out your arms a bit, take a deep breath to reset rhythm, and get back to the barbell. Reps 31-60 will need to be broken into smaller sets. Those numbers will differ for each athlete, but the most important thing to remember is that efficiency is king. At the point you feel yourself unable to maintain good mechanics and good speed on the barbell, terminate the set, take a good breath, and then resume snatching with a renewed focus on quick hips and good speed.

Keep the movement efficient and your breathing calm and you will be well on your way to a very successful second week of the Open.

Physical Preparation
You also need to ensure that your body is well-prepared for the rigors of competition. Kelly Starrett is the best around when it comes to preparing CrossFit athletes’ joints and muscles for competition. Check out K-Star’s suggestions for preparing your body for CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.2.

Carl Paoli’s also has some great suggestions for general warm-up and preparation for CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.2.

Execution – Points of Performance
Finally, there is execution. Above Cody Burgener gives you a couple of tips to make you as efficient as possible from your first snatch to your last.

Hope this helps you surpass your goals for Open Workout 12.2. If so, please post us a note to comments and let us know what you found most helpful. Good luck!

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    CJ and crew,

    Just want to give another shout of thanks to all you do for the community at large. The suggestions here for 12.2 are spot on and what I’ve been telling my athletes. I will make sure to emphasize even more that “efficiency is king.” Thanks again.

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  • Tips above helped big time. I got a lot out of Heidi’s visualization exercise again this week. She is an awesome asset to your gym. Thanks for sharing her with us CF Invicti abroad.