Q&A: What’s the Difference Between the Performance, Competition & Masters Programs?
Written by Michele Vieux

Q: I’m a 39 year old male looking for a good program and am interested in yours. What is the difference between the Performance, Competition and Masters programs? I have been doing CrossFit since February of this year. I train five times a week for about 1.5 hours each time. I want to get stronger, better at the sport and maybe compete one day. But for now, I need to improve my overhead mobility and my weightlifting strength. 

A: We have so many program options, it can be a challenge in itself just to sort through them. Hopefully this helps you decide what’s best for you and your goals, which is how we recommend you choose!

The Performance program is “CrossFit” and is intended to be completed in 60 minutes. We offer 6 days a week of programming but usually recommend no more than 5 days for most people and sometimes less. This program is perfect for someone who enjoys CrossFit as a workout routine, loves a challenge, wants to improve, but doesn’t really plan on competing in the sport.

The Competition program is designed for those who want to compete in CrossFit or other functional fitness events. Those sessions take 90 minutes each to complete and there are 6 training days a week. It is recommended that you do all 6 to hit all the skills, conditioning and strength you need to be a competitive athlete. With that being said, we do have a large group of people who have no intention of competing but follow that program because they like (and can handle) more volume in their training and they like to train skills that the Performance program doesn’t hit like higher level gymnastics, strongman, etc.

The Masters program is also designed for those who want to compete and all the same things apply as do for the Competition program. The difference is that there is much more mobility work included in each session and there are more scaling options based on age groups and abilities. 

Based on your stated goals and age, it is probably recommended for you to follow the Masters program. Most people who start CrossFit don’t pay attention to their mobility (and taking care of their bodies in general) when they first get into it. So if you can do that, your longevity in the sport will increase, injuries will decrease, and you will find all the skills much easier to perform because your body can flex to those positions. The Masters program will take care of all of that plus you will lift weights every day so your strength will increase as well. 

The programming is developed by our amazing Masters Coach, Nichole Kribs, and each week she incorporates a mix of gymnastics skills and drills, strength work, mobility work, conditioning and accessory work. It caters to the athlete who would like to fix asymmetries through the use of Strongman, improve overhead stability, mobility and strength, develop posterior chain endurance and work on positioning in the Olympic lifts. All of this along with an appropriate volume load so as to maximize recovery. And, you have access to other members of this program in our Masters Facebook Group so you can all share and support each other while receiving feedback from your coach! If you’d like to learn more about Invictus Masters Online Program click here.


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