The Great Pandemic Book List!
Compiled by the Invictus Member Tribe of Kirsten Ahrendt

The time has come…to share the GREAT BOOK LIST OF the 2020 PANDEMIC! This list was generated by none other than my closest tribe of Invictus members. (Truth be told, a few folks mentioned Tiger King and Love is Blind Netflix series… I view those as less-than enriching sources of content, although admittedly got sucked into the black hole of Love is blind. As for now, onto the books! #WellreadMeatheadBookClub

She’s Come Undone – by Wally Lamb

– Fiction about a girl who had a shitty early life, but then it gets better.

Ten Thousand Sorrows – by Elizabeth Kim

– Memoir about another girl who had a shit start, but also overcame.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – by Rachel Joyce

– About taking the time to reflect back on your life and remember the little moments that shaped you and appreciate them rather than letting them fly by.

Into Thin Air – by Jon Krakauer

– Adventure. Everest. Death. Tragedy. Pretty sure this is the first book that got me hooked on reading.

Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance – by Alex Hutchinson

– By far my favorite read of 2019 and changed my perspective on my own relationship to pain, the brain, and my training.

The Song of Achilles – by Madeline Miller

– The other side of the classic Greek hero. This is more a love story than a war story. Don’t expect blood and guts. Although there are some. But a retelling of the unexplored side of a hero.

Harry Potter Series – by J.K. Rowling

I hadn’t read many books all the way through since I had kids (and I used to be a bookworm). Now I’ve been churning through the Harry Potter series, even with remote work and the munchkins at home, and am finally on book 7. They’ve been my escape and “quiet time” during all this. I have my nose glued to the pages, and love that the kids see how their parents can get hooked into reading.

A Thousand Splendid Suns – by Khaled Husseini

My First Summer in the Sierra – by John Muir

The Clockmaker’s Daughter – by Kate Morton

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – by Robert Pirsig

Man’s Search for Meaning – by Viktor Frankl

Rules of Civility – by Amor Towles

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