The Pain of Suffering is Way Better than the Pain of Regret
Written by Bryce Smith

“At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.”  – Steven Pressfield

The pain of suffering is way better than the pain of regret. I have always been a big believer in working towards something. Be on a constant growth trajectory in all aspects of life and striving towards getting better. 

Set BHAG’s aka Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and then spend your life in pursuit of them. Yes, goals are important. But it isn’t all about achieving the goal, but rather who you become in pursuit of the goal that becomes most important.

Regret doesn’t sound fun. Why leave untapped potential on the table when you can be more, do more, experience more, and take part in those magical moments? Miracles are made in moments. Much of the pursuit of goals and destinations requires pain, suffering, and tremendous discipline, but it is in the challenge where we find the meaning and the value in the pursuit of goal achievement. We could surprise ourselves with our capabilities, inspire those around us, and do things that have never been done. At the very least, we could have a really cool story to tell. 

If you are struggling to find motivation, I hope this provides the jumpstart that you need to make the most of the cards you have been dealt. With so much uncertainty and the world changing by the minute, I think optimizing our mindset can be the catalyst towards enhancing the quality of our lives. Getting started, in even the smallest of ways can naturally produce momentum. After all, Newton’s First Law is: Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. This concept, when applied consistently in our daily lives can change a lot of things for the better. 

In the past few months, I have often referenced the concept of “Make it to your mat”; “Just start”; “Just show up”; “Get it done”; and all of these things reference a similar concept: starting is the hard part. 

All of the distractions and friction associated with beginning your workout, or work project, or tackling the many tasks of our day to day lives takes place in the beginning. Once you’ve started, progress tends to happen more naturally. It really isn’t rocket science. It is all in starting, and then getting the reps. This is why so many successful people say to just win the morning. In theory, everything we do is practice. Yes, I said practice (Thank you Allen Iverson) HA! So what to take away from all this mindset nonsense that I am throwing your way?

Eliminate the barriers that prevent you from starting. 

Create a schedule for things. 

Keep certain things out and in sight so they are in your mind. 

Make it convenient to start. 

Try not to focus on the big macro picture but rather the smaller micro elements that make up the bigger picture. 

Throughout all of the uncertainty in the world, one thing is certain: At some point, it is easier to change than to stay the same. I find that most people struggle in life when they feel stagnation or lack of growth. Personal development is a major key to our lives and our health and wellness. Without continuous and consistent personal development, you are all that you will ever become. The worst thing is when the person you are meets the person you could have become. Take pride in starting. Ask for help. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. With this new awareness, let’s begin the journey towards starting. Towards making the rest of our life, the best of our life. Stay on the hunt for who you have not yet become.

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