Track on Wednesday proved to be full of surprises.  We had the athlete’s run in the opposite direction on the track, we don’t do it often but I am thinking we will do so more … Read More

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s a time of family, friends, and indulging in delicious feasts! However, there are thousands of people in San Diego County who don’t have enough to eat on Thanksgiving … Read More


Cl Pull + PCl  50/4+4  60/3+3  70/2+2  75/2+2  80/(2+2)x2

RDL  60/8  70/5  80/4×3



Sn Pull + PSn  50/4+4  60/3+3  70/2+2  75/2+2  80/(2+2)x2

OHSQ  50/6  60/4  70/3  75/3  80/3×3… Read More

Everyone ready for a great night on the track?   Make sure to bring a stopwatch
Here’s what we have in store –

10 x 150s – rest 4 minutes between each.  These sprints should not … Read More