***Reminder – Invictus will be closed on Saturday for our Athletes’ Training Camp. See you Monday!

Above is the map of our 6.5 km/4 mile running route from Invictus. It’s flat and easy, but provides … Read More

Sh + Cl (HB)   50/4×2  60/3  65/3  75/3  80/3  85/2  80/3
Cl Pull (pause 1st rep)  80/5  90/5×4

PSn (pause)    50/4×2  60/3  65/3  75/3  80/3  85/3×2
Sn Pull (pause 1st rep)  80/5  90/5×4… Read More

The Hangover
Written by Calvin Sun

Hangovers are a common occurrence this time of year (or really anytime for that matter in this economy), so I think it might be worth discussing the physiological causes … Read More