Invictus Athletes’ Camp Re-Cap
Written by Invictus Athlete Stephanie McCormack

Why do we make memories of something? Of a person or event or time in space? Quite simply it’s because there was something poignant that makes it stick amongst the million other little details we encounter in our lives. This weekend, I spent 4 days with some of the fittest CrossFitters and best coaches on the planet and my mind is swirling with amazing memories and invaluable lessons. Each athlete I met had an inspiring story. Many had already been to the CF Games,

Are You Prepared To Win The Look Good, Feel Good Challenge?
Written by Michele Vieux

The Look Good, Feel Good Challenge has begun! Are you prepared? Is your food?

George will tell you in the nutrition coaching program (if you added that option) that nutrition is going to be the game changer in this year’s Challenge, AND that you can can make drastic changes in body composition by cleaning up and tweaking your nutrition regimen.

This is great in theory, but for some, the actual implementation is what makes it prohibitive.

The 2012 Look Good, Feel Good Challenge Begins!
Written by C.J. Martin

Today is the day! The 2012 Look Good, Feel Good Challenge begins!

We have more than 60 participants currently signed up and we’re hoping to breach the 80 participant mark. Each of these individuals will have their eye on the $1000 cash prize and three free months of Invictus membership. But most importantly, having these folks all pushing toward the same goal will mean that all competitors will have an amazing community of support. Are you going to be a part of the fun?

Sh + PSn (HB)   50/4×2  60/3  65/3  70/3  75/3  80/3  85/3×2
RDL (% of Clean or F.Sq)  80/5  90/5×4

PCl (pause)    50/4×2  60/3  65/3  70/3  75/3  80/3  85/3×2
Cl Pull (pause 1st rep)  80/5  90/5  100/3×3

Toes 2 Bar (no swing)  10×2



Mon – SQ    50/8  60/5  70/5  75/5  80/5  85/4×2

Fri – F.Sq    50/6  60/4  70/4  75/4  80/4  85/4×2

Invictus Athlete Profile – Lisa Burns
Written by Nichole DeHart

I have been working with Lisa since she joined Invictus. She is not only the mother of two and an incredible athlete, but also a wonderful motivator. Not a session goes by without Lisa saying hello to everyone in the gym, cheering on other athletes and sharing her latest paleo-friendly recipe. I have never seen Lisa give me anything less than 100% every session. Her success speaks volumes, and it’s directly attributable to her dedication inside and outside the gym. She recently accomplished some big goals,