Ragnar is upon us – make sure you look at the course and see where it runs through on Friday & Saturday so you can come out and support the group.

I’ll be posting on Facebook and twitter where they are at throughout the event.

Training for the week – 

Long Intervals – 6 x 800M with 2 minutes of rest (if you are doing Ragnar – this is going to be at a moderate pace – about 60% effort and we may only have you do 4 on wednesday @ the track)

Short Intervals –

Meet Your Newest Invictus Coach – David Lipson
Written by C.J. Martin

I am happy to announce that the Invictus coaching staff just got even stronger . . . no seriously, a lot stronger. I would like to introduce the Invictus community to the newest member of our coaching staff, David Lipson.

Many of you are probably very familiar with Dave’s athletic accomplishments. He has become well-known as one of the strongest CrossFit athletes in the world. David’s self-imposed physical challenges have included deadlifting triple his bodyweight, running up the Empire State Building and doing a 500 lb.

Introducing Honorary Invicti Jenny LaBaw
Written by C.J. Martin

Some of you might have seen a familiar looking, uber-fit woman around the gym over the last couple of weeks. That’s Jenny LaBaw. My introduction will not be nearly as cool as the video above produced by her boyfriend, Marcus Brown, but I will try to provide some relevant details.

Jenny is down here in San Diego training for a few weeks before her Regionals (NorCal). Due to the kindness and support of some amazing people – such as her clients and employer (NorCal Strength &

Another great evening of running at San Diego High – thank you to everyone that showed up and was ready for it.

I know some people weren’t quite ready for what they experienced during the workout.  It sounded simple, but its one of those workouts that sort of sneaks up on people…

(200, 400, 600) x 3 repeats with resting the amount of time it takes you to complete the distance.  When doing this workout I suggest going about 80-85% on the intervals – problem is that if you go out too fast there’s no way you will have enough time to fully recover before the next interval.  

We’re so proud and excited for our very own Michele Vieux who has an awesome cooking instructional video series on the CrossFit Journal website. The video above was the first show that aired last week, and her second episode will be posted today – highlighting her Braised Baby Bok Choy. If you need some help in the kitchen, be sure to check these out and get yourself scheduled in one of Michele’s cooking seminars to learn how to make delicious Paleo meals.

AND . . . keep your eyes out for Michele’s first cookbook, which should be available to you this summer!