Business Owner, Mother, Author . . . Bad Ass!
Written by C.J. Martin

There are indeed superheroes all around us. And the crazy thing is, sometimes it’s the superheroes themselves that cannot recognize the supernatural powers they exhibit. Allison Belger is one of those superheroes.

Allison co-owns and operates four successful gyms in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband T.J. Belger. She is also a mother (and soccer coach, nurse, tutor, etc…) of two beautiful little girls. As if that were not enough to keep her busy, Allison –

Screencast by George Economou

(Editor’s Note – If you are in our Look Good, Feel Good Challenge, you MUST watch all 11 minutes of this video. If you’re not in the Challenge, but you care about your health and fitness, you should make time to watch from the 2:30 mark to the 10:00 mark . . . you won’t regret it. Planning for your success is vital to achieving your health and fitness goals!)

Invictus Athletes’ Training Camp Report
Written by Andrew Killion – Owner of District CrossFit and Invictus Online Athlete

I’m not a very religious guy. In reality, I’m a pretty strict atheist. So I’ve never really experienced that eye-opening/a-ha!/eureka moment many of my more religious friends speak of. That is, until I went to San Diego for the Invictus Athlete Training Camp a few weeks ago.

I’ve always been a believer in science. I love data, facts and results; they are really the only thing I put credence in.

Sh + Cl (HB) 50/4×2 60/3 65/3 70/3 75/2 80/2 85/2×3
Cl Pull (pause 1st) 80/4 90/4 100/3×3

PSn (pause) 50/4×2 60/3 65/3 70/3 75/2 80/2 85/2 90/2×3
Sn Pull (pause 1st rep) 80/4 90/4 100/3×3


Mon – SQ 50/8 60/5 70/5 75/3 80/3 85/3 90/2×3

Fri – F.Sq 50/6 60/4 70/3 75/3 80/3 85/3 90/2×2

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

As most of you know, Courtney does a ton behind the scenes at Invictus to make sure things run smoothly . . . and she also is kind of a bad ass (see photo above).

Please join us in wishing her a happy birthday . . . and feel free to share any fun stories in comments.