Sprint Your Way to Victory – Part One
Written by Shane Farmer
(Originally published November 2010)

You see it in running. A sprinter will set up in the blocks, nimbly place their hands on the white line that separates them from the next 10 seconds of pure speed, raise their hips and as the gun goes off, they explode like a gazelle, starting out low and streamlined with short choppy steps to accelerate, they pump their legs and arms in unison to be just a bit faster than the animal next to them.

Josh Bridges is Ready!
(Produced by CrossFit Games Media)

If you don’t already have your tickets, purchase them now!!! Invictus members will not want to miss the 2013 Southern California Regionals. Invictus athletes Josh Bridges, Dave Lipson and Lil’ Ricky Moore, as well as Team Sea of Green (Cody Burgener, Lukas Esslinger, Bryan Babbitt, Mike Ingley, Kathy Borkoski, Stephanie McCormack, Kim McLaughlin and Ali Jones) and Team Invictus (Nuno Costa, Shane Farmer, Tino Marini, Hank Lopez, Nichole DeHart, Ayo Anise,

New Gear in Stock!
Written by Jaimie Bougie

You may have noticed a large shipment of boxes being delivered to Invictus this past week and that can only mean one thing – we have new t-shirts in stock!  In addition to our traditional green and black t-shirts for both men and ladies, we have added a few new designs to the mix.  The first new design, pictured above, is our limited addition “Sea of Green” mens and ladies green t-shirt, just in time for the SoCal Regionals! Our second new design is available in a men’s t-shirt and ladies’

Pull-Up May – Week One: The Hollow Position
Written by Shane Farmer

It’s here, it’s finally here. The month you’ve all been waiting for. Pull-up progression month. The whole month of May is dedicated to each of you who have been asking “Can we please learn kipping pull-ups?” Each week we’ll be working a specific skill on the blog and in classes to help you get stronger, faster, and more efficient with your kipping pull-ups. We’re excited to get you on your way.

To prepare, expect that if you want to see results you should be practicing these drills every time you step foot in the gym.