Mutual Support
Written by Shane Farmer

You all have a challenge over the next week. Consider it a mini 7-Day challenge.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, will increase emotional stability, energy, happiness, and camaraderie. It will also decrease stress and lack of energy.

Your challenge isn’t complicated, loaded with time consuming check-ins, or beyond your ability level.

This challenge isn’t focused toward one particular group, it’s community wide. It’s an in gym and out in the world challenge. It’s meant to carry you from waking to sleeping and everything in between.

Strong Women of Invictus
Written by C.J. Martin

I am reminded every day that I have the pleasure of coaching some of the most amazing athletes in the world. But as is common in life, when you’re surrounded by amazing things, they become your norm. So I can be prone to take things for granted, and I find myself assuming that these athletes will do something that seems humanly impossible. But even I couldn’t help but to have been floored by some of the amazing feats of strength accomplished by some of our strong women of Invictus over the last week.

Bison Burger and Poached Eggs Breakfast Delight!
Written by Courtney Johnson

Eating paleo can leave some of us with delicious, but seemingly limited breakfast options. I love breakfast; it’s probably my favorite meal of the day. Many Paleo eaters are happy with chicken and veggies, or even a piece of salmon in the morning. Not me, I want my breakfast to taste like breakfast. Of course there are some days when, as much as I love them, I don’t want to look at another egg scramble or frittata. I was having one of those days recently and was trying to think of a creative and simple breakfast solution.

Unintended Consequences of Doing the Right Thing
Written by C.J. Martin

I should be in Maui right now. Every February about 14 of my friends and family members meet up in Maui for a week of fun and relaxation. This year my girlfriend Courtney’s parents and sister flew out from New England to join us. But just four days before we were to fly out, we learned that we wouldn’t be going.

Courtney is now 19 weeks pregnant with our first child. On Thursday she saw her perinatalogist for what seemed to be a routine check-in after a very good report 4 weeks ago.

What is your main event?
Written by C.J. Martin

Should you be performing each of the Open workouts multiple times during each week of the Open? Well . . . it depends.

In my perfect world, the answer would be “no.” But I have come to accept that it’s not quite that black and white. CrossFit is an extremely competitive sport, and if I want to give my athletes the best chance at winning, there has to be some flexibility in answering this question.

Athletes need to ask themselves one important question,