Five Things I Love About CrossFit
Written by Calvin Sun

The Work Ethic
CrossFit isn’t easy. It promotes hard work that you will rarely find outside of competitive athletics. Compared to conventional fitness programs, the work ethic, discipline, and commitment of CrossFitters is unparalleled.

Improved Training Methods
The competitive, free-market nature of CrossFit has lead to a variety of developments in the way we train athletes now. Competition has elevated the expected standards of fitness and coaching. Good coaches are constantly seeking out eduction from a variety of experts and improving upon their own methods.

Some cool events going on Saturday and Sunday for Invictus members and their friends:
* Saturday at 8:30 a.m. – Outdoor Boot Camp in Balboa Park (6th Avenue between Palm and Quince)
* Sunday at 10:00 a.m. – Yoga with Heidi (yoga specific to needs of CrossFitters)
Hope to see you there!

Back to Belgium with Many New Friends
Written by Thijs Moonen

This week is my last week of a nine week internship. I wouldn’t even call it an internship, but rather a once in a lifetime experience.

I was excited and scared before leaving, a whole new country, language, people, habits and do’s and don’ts. Looking back on it, it was nothing to be afraid of. You all made my stay of nine weeks away from my home, family and friends easy. I created a new home, family and friends with all of you.

Good Luck Michele!
Written by C.J. Martin

Our very own super coach Michele Vieux goes in today for a bionic knee! Michele has had a torn ACL and a bucket-handle tear of her meniscus since 1998. Despite the injury, Michele competed as an individual at the CrossFit Games in 2008 and 2009, and was a critical member of the 2010 Invictus team that took 4th place at the CrossFit Games. She has also been a dedicated coach demonstrating movements and coaching clients for the past 5 years. To say that her ability to overcome and work around a significant injury has been remarkable would be an understatement.

Putting Words to Three Amazing Days
Written by C.J. Martin

Well, it’s quite a bit later than I had hoped, but I will try to put words to a weekend filled with amazing moments. This is no easy task though. This weekend’s competition wasn’t about results; it was about effort and striving to achieve each of these athletes’ best. It’s easy to sum up their efforts in terms of ranking, but each and every one of these athletes can tell you that the journey to get to this point and the obstacles they overcame over the course of the weekend cannot be reduced to a ranking.