How Do YOU Read the Whiteboard
Written by C.J. Martin

There is perhaps nothing that has caused more historical controversy than interpreting written words. From religious texts to love letters, much blood has been spilled over disagreements as to the meaning and intent of writings. Indeed, I spent 5 good years as a lawyer essentially interpreting words and trying to persuade others to interpret them in a way that favored my clients. It’s part of what makes language so fun.

The “Workout of the Day” posted on the whiteboard each day doesn’t seem to require much interpretation.

Training on an Empty Stomach
Written by Calvin Sun

I am often asked if it is alright to train on an empty stomach. I think this is a common issue for anyone who needs to get to the gym early in the morning. Eating a breakfast of solid foods such as eggs, veggies, and maybe some fruit before a 6am workout can be difficult, if not impossible, for many people. You’ll have to be up early to prepare breakfast, eat, allow adequate time for digestion and get to the gym for your training session.

Cooking With Fats and Oils
Written by George Economou

We recently hosted our first Nutrition 201 seminar.  The purpose of our 101 and 201 seminars is to educate our community and provide a baseline of information regarding digestive processes, foods and their macronutrient characteristics, effects of different foods on digestion, energy levels, and sports performance, and a host of other things.  There was a question that came up at 201 that has popped up a few times in the past couple of months, “What are the best cooking fats?”  That’s actually a really hard question! 

Essential Concepts of Efficient Running
Written by Nuno Costa

Here are some key principles that emphasize correct body mechanics that are going to help you run faster and stay injury free.

Establish an Ideal Position – Think of a figure 4 or a flamingo (check out the picture above).  You want to have your head, neck and shoulders relaxed, shoulders over the hips, hips over the ankle.  If you took a PVC pipe you could draw a line over these points – shoulders, hips and ankles.  Efficient running is the ability to go from the ideal position on one foot to the other with as little effort as possible – we do this naturally as kids and we tend to build bad habits as we grow older.

Tips for Successful Goal Setting and Achievement
Written by Nichole DeHart

Goal setting is an incredibly important task but is not widely used. Goal setting is incredibly effective and can provide clarity and focus not only for the future, but also for the present. The process provides structure and direction when working towards a stated purpose.  Goal setting also provides motivation and can help you organize your time and resources so that you can make the most of your efforts. I recently read this statement on a blog and thought it reflected the true essence of goal setting: “Set goals that yield a positive effect on your life whenever you think about them,