There’s Something In the Water in Marysville
Introduced by C.J. Martin and Written by Noah Pester

Since the end of August I have had the pleasure of working with Noah Pester. Noah is a co-owner of CrossFit Marysville, a 2011 CrossFit Games Athlete, a firefighter, husband and father of two (as well as being the brother to our very own Josh Pester). He is one of those rare individuals who finds a way to excel at everything he does. If you spend more than ten minutes or so with him you will realize how he does it.

The Importance of Visualization
Written by Invictus Consigliere and Healer Heidi Fearon

Visualization, Mindfulness, Meditation . . . I am a Crossfitter, how do these words pertain to me?

Do you do Crossfit to be better? Better at what? Life? Then you cannot afford to neglect your mind. You train your body to peak performance, you tune your meals to paleo perfection . . . and your head, that inner critic, the habit generator – what consideration do you give it?

The mind is like a wild horse –

“Vengeance” – A Workout With Purpose
Introduced by C.J. Martin

Developing a strong, caring community is a core mission of Invictus. It’s what separates us from a lot of gyms and health clubs. Our members are more than just people that come in to sweat on our floors, they are our friends and family. We take pride in our community, and we’re blessed to have some of the best people I could ever ask to surround myself with.

How to Join the Invictus Community and Change Your Life – Part 1
Written by Emily Hesse and introduced by Shane Farmer

The Invictus community has been quietly benefiting lately from the efforts of a behind-the-scenes rockstar who has joined the Invictus team. Emily Hesse is the social media intern at Invictus, and if you check our Facebook or twitter page regularly it’s most likely her you’ve seen posting.

The cool thing about Emily is that she had never done CrossFit. She jumped headfirst into our community with the commitment to learn everything there is to learn about the Invictus family,

What can I say – another great night at the track.  I had a sense that most people did not look forward to running 1 mile repeats, yet most people still showed up and laid it out on the line.   Super proud of everyone that came and ran hard – the workout was 1 mile repeats with 3 minutes of rest – the goal was to keep the intervals within 5-10s, let’s see if people were able to do it….

Caitlin Graham – 8:09, 8:36, 8:03

Christopher Walden – 5:43, 5:48, 5:45

Ed MacBean –