Sh + Cl (HB) 50/4×2 60/3 65/3 70/3 75/2 80/2 85/2×3
Cl Pull (pause 1st) 80/4 90/4 100/3×3

PSn (pause) 50/4×2 60/3 65/3 70/3 75/2 80/2 85/2 90/2×3
Sn Pull (pause 1st rep) … Read More

The Hangover
Written by Calvin Sun

Hangovers are a common occurrence this time of year (or really anytime for that matter in this economy), so I think it might be worth discussing the physiological causes … Read More

A Lifetime Goal Achieved at 40-years-old!
Written by C.J. Martin

A huge congratulations to Jonas (aka, “mrjling”) for achieving a “bucket list” item yesterday with his Bodyweight x 2.5 deadlift. At 40 years old and … Read More

POS of CrossFit Invictus
Tips for Improved Wrist Mobility
Written by Nichole DeHart

Lack of wrist mobility can be the limiting factor for many of our members in movements like cleans and front squats. I usually hear comments like … Read More

A New Year, A New Website!
Written by C.J. Martin

It’s been a LONG time coming…. I have had plans to redesign the website for two years – slightly more actually. It had been the … Read More

How Do YOU Read the Whiteboard
Written by C.J. Martin

There is perhaps nothing that has caused more historical controversy than interpreting written words. From religious texts to love letters, much blood has been spilled … Read More