CrossFit Invictus Athletes Noah, Ashleigh and Jenny at Kwaay Paay
Get Outside with Friends and Family
Written by C.J. Martin

Every family has different holiday traditions. Don’t be afraid to start one around health and fitness. Starting a holiday with a hike, run, swim, etc…is … Read More

Great night at track once again – a huge group with some celebrities in the house

Attendance – Jes, Walden, Bellock, Alexis, Mello & Abdul (welcome back), Danesh, Borrelli, Ken, Thijs (all the way from … Read More

The Importance of Visualization
Written by Invictus Consigliere and Healer Heidi Barker

Visualization, Mindfulness, Meditation . . . I am a Crossfitter, how do these words pertain to me?

Do you do Crossfit to be … Read More

What can I say – another great night at the track.  I had a sense that most people did not look forward to running 1 mile repeats, yet most people still showed up and laid … Read More

Life Decisions
Written by Josh Bridges

As people, we tend to move like water. What I mean by that is we tend to seek the path of least resistance. Many times this is a wise … Read More

Did anyone run the San Diego Half Marathon yesterday?  I heard it was an amazing experience for folks running into Petco park for the finish.

I know Miné set a PR with an unofficial time … Read More