Life Decisions
Written by Josh Bridges

As people, we tend to move like water. What I mean by that is we tend to seek the path of least resistance. Many times this is a wise … Read More

Did anyone run the San Diego Half Marathon yesterday?  I heard it was an amazing experience for folks running into Petco park for the finish.

I know Miné set a PR with an unofficial time … Read More

The Science of Visualization
Written by Calvin Sun

Here at Invictus, we have a variety of tools and resources to help everyone perform their best. This can range from simply being reminded to get a … Read More

We had a great weekend with 2 events – crossfit extravaganza @ San Diego Running Institute Saturday morning was a great success.  We had all sorts of good questions about the way we train and … Read More

Great night yesterday to be back on the track

The workout being a little shorter, so we were able to get some good running drills to emphasize proper mechanics – remember the ideal POSE, the
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Training week:

Long Interval: 2 x 12:00 TT, rest 5:00

Time Trial –  60 minutes, cover as much distance as possible

Short Intervals – 9 rounds of 1:00 on, 1:00 off, each “on” round should … Read More