As the volume of food we intake in creases over the holiday season, so should the number of reps increase…

PCl (Bkn) 50/4×2 60/3 70/3×4
Cl Pull (3 pos) 70/5 80/5×3
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Sn  50/4×2  60/3  65/2  70/2  75/2  80/2  85/1  90/1  95/1  test/1×2  95(of today’s max)/1×2

Sn Pull  90/4  100/3×3



Cl/J  50/(4+4)x2  65/2+2  70/1+1  75/1+1  80/1+1  85/1+1  90/1+1  95/1+1  test/(1+1)x2  95(of today’s max)/1+1

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Saturday & Sunday, February 11/12 Invictus will host this first level of coaching certification for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Most all Collegiate strength and conditioning staff are recommended to attain.


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You would think the night before thanksgiving we wouldn’t have had much of a showing for track – but that was not the case, we had a great group and since the Vavi group was … Read More

From track last week – 3 minutes on, 1 minute off x 4-6 rounds, cover as much distance as possible

Thank you to my lovely assistant Karen Shaver for helping track the laps, our apologies

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Well, I didn’t have the best of meets at this years’ American Masters Championship, but did win the Gold Medal and qualify for USA Master’s World Team, … Read More

Thank you to everyone last week for being flexible when we found out we could not use the track.  We ended up going over to Laurel Street and running some hill sprints – how fun
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It was a GORGEOUS Saturday morning and it wasn’t just because of the fabulous weather, but because there was some great smiling faces out for the 5K.
The cove is a great place to run
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Cl/J  50/(4+4)x2  60/2+2  70/2+2  75/1+1  80/(1+1)x3

RDLs  50/8×2  60/6  70/4  75/4  80/4×2

Planks  3 sets @ 30 sec.



PSn  50/4×2  60/3  70/2  … Read More

Are We Built to Run Barefoot?


At a recent symposium of the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual meeting in Denver, cutely titled “Barefoot Running: So Easy, a Caveman Did It!,” a

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