A Message for the Sea of Green
Written by Aja Barto – Owner of Behemoth CrossFit

Sea of Green,

Thank you guys for everything this weekend. From the Twitter updates to the warm smiles and … Read More

Are You Committed?
Written by C.J. Martin

April L., an amazing athlete and online coaching client from Florida, sent me the photo above. The photo is of her training through a tropical storm. Sprints were … Read More

5 Ways to Successfully Reach Your Goals
Written by Nichole DeHart

We are in the business of helping people reach their goals. Whether it be helping someone lean out, perform better in the gym or … Read More

Written by Calvin Sun

The Work Ethic
CrossFit isn’t easy. It promotes hard work that you will rarely find outside of competitive athletics. Compared to conventional fitness programs, the work ethic, discipline, and commitment of … Read More

1-Rep Max Deadlift

What’s My 1-Rep Max?

Written by Calvin Sun

Knowing your 1-Rep Max is an important part of making the most of the programming provided by your coaches at Invictus. Our coaches frequently use percentage references … Read More

The Importance of Visualization
Written by Invictus Consigliere and Healer Heidi Barker

Visualization, Mindfulness, Meditation . . . I am a Crossfitter, how do these words pertain to me?

Do you do Crossfit to be … Read More