How To Be Successful At The Gym
Written by Nichole DeHart

This post is geared towards those who are just starting out with a new workout program, but veterans can take to heart the information … Read More

What About Lifting Belts?
Written by Calvin Sun

I have had some questions about whether or not an athlete should wear a lifting belt as part of their training. While commonplace in strength sports such … Read More

Congratulations Meryll, Ali, Margo and Richard!
Written by C.J. Martin

Congratulations to Invictus athletes Meryll, Ali, Margo and Richard on their awesome performances at the Left Coast Invitational on Saturday. Meryl (photo above) earned first … Read More

Invictus Athlete Profile – Rachel Doucet
Interviewed by Jaimie Bougie

Jaimie: Rachel, tell us about how you became a member at Invictus. You were following the programming on your own initially, right?

Rachel: Yes, Before … Read More