How to Overcome the Mental Aspect of Weightlifting
Video by Invictus Weightlifting Coach Jared Enderton

Do you get psyched out when attempting a new PR?

What if the PR weight “feels” heavy & slow?

How we think determines how we behave. Invictus Weightlifting Coach Jared Enderton takes a look at how we can improve our mental game when going after a big lift!

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  • John Wake

    Psychological factors preventing the athlete from achieving the maximum result, have a very strong effect on his mental condition. They can lead to defeat and can play even greater role in achieving success or in complete failure than physical fitness. Basically, everything depends on the trooper, whether he can change his mental state so that the self-induced mindset contributes positively to the outcome of the performance. During this time I overcame psychological factors, but my friend from, who has a mass of more than 10 kg more than mine, can not take my weight, purely because of psychological factors.