New Chapter, New Approach
Written by Invictus Member Rayna Matsuno

This new chapter has come with a lot of (well-intentioned) unsolicited feedback and questions about my physical activity. Because this is the first pregnancy I’ve experienced while CrossFitting, I have also reached out to people I trust, communicated with my coach and tapped into other resources.

Based on what I’ve learned so far, this is my current approach:

1) Listen to my body…to a point.
There are some days I don’t have the energy to workout, but now that I’m no longer suffering from morning sickness, I usually try to squeeze something in anyway. We all have days when we need to motivate ourselves just a little more than others, pregnant or not. THAT SAID, if things really don’t feel good, I take a rest day.

2) Risk vs Reward.
Can I still kip, jump rope, and box jump? Yes. Is it worth (to ME) the potential risk of adverse effects on my pelvic floor or falling? No. Do I miss them? Not double-unders. Can I still get a good workout in with modifications? Yes!

3) Scale back on volume and load.
This one is so tough mentally! My workout sessions are generally shorter now. I keep all barbell movements (Oly and power) under 65% of my 1-RM. I simply can’t engage my core as effectively and want to avoid any breath-holding that heavier lifts can require.

4) Enjoy the process.
Many of my workouts are now done at a regular gym or at home due to constraints on time and changing priorities. I miss working out with my friends on a regular basis. Demands at work have ramped up at an almost suffocating pace, and there are a few life transitions (in addition to baby!) in progress. But as long as I’m striving to better myself every day and growing in a positive direction, and my family is happy and healthy, I have everything I need and nothing but gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.

This video shows some of the modifications I’ve made in the past month: modified burpees, step-ups, and staying above parallel. But mostly this is a video of our dog.

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