Nasal Relief Trifecta
Written by Michele Vieux

This is my first allergy season ever – in my whole live long life – with minimal symptoms and it’s no fluke. I have been on a mission to take control of my health issues and one of those high on the list was sinus and allergy problems. I do not wish to take any more over the counter (OTC) or prescription medications to deal with chronic symptoms, as you may remember from my recent post Why Drugs Are Not the Answer.

I have been a slave to allergies and medications used to treat them ever since I can remember and I was getting fed up of the side effects and the notion of it all. I started researching alternatives and have identified a Nasal Relief Trifecta (NRT) to utilize instead of OTC and prescription allergy and sinus treatments. I cannot say which one or combination of these three did the trick for me but I’m guessing all played a role in my reduction of symptoms – post nasal drip, congestion, cough, sneezing, itchy throat and ears.

1) Neti Pot twice a day, whether I need it or not. The warm, saline solution helps flush mucus and allergen debris from the nasal and sinus passages. I prefer the squeeze bottle type over the teapot version but that’s just personal preference. Follow the directions on the package and use the solution they provide. You can also get an herb cocktail from your local supplier, herbalist, or acupuncturist like Magnolia Clear Sinus to add to the water that will help alleviate symptoms if they are really bad.

2) No dairy, not even butter or heavy whipping cream. I previously convinced myself that I could eat dairy since I didn’t notice any adverse gastrointestinal effects from consuming it. Once I started looking into solutions to my sinus problems, I was finally open to considering dairy as a culprit and cut it out completely. I immediately noticed a reduction – to near elimination – of my post nasal drip. Eliminating post nasal drip means getting rid of a lot of the coughing and some of the congestion.

3) Bee pollen has been recommended for people suffering from allergies – amongst other things – for ages. It is literally the nectar of life – food made by honeybees for their young and is considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all the nutrients needed by humans. Supplement with bee pollen to combat allergies, hay fever and so many other ailments. You can easily find it at health food stores or your local farmers market. I take ⅛ – ¼ teaspoon each morning. It’s quite tasty, really.

Like I said, I can’t didn’t conduct an official scientific experiment but I did notice a drastic drop in sinus and allergy symptoms since beginning my regimen a couple months ago and here we are in the middle of a Santa Ana and I’m pretty much symptom free. Not only is the NRT easy and inexpensive to execute, I’m putting much less money into it than I was paying for the medications. Then there is the added bonus of all the other benefits that bee pollen touts to top it off!


Heidi Fearon, L.Ac, Thrive Wellness

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