Mutual Support
Written by Shane Farmer

You all have a challenge over the next week. Consider it a mini 7-Day challenge.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, will increase emotional stability, energy, happiness, and camaraderie. It will also decrease stress and lack of energy.

Your challenge isn’t complicated, loaded with time consuming check-ins, or beyond your ability level.

This challenge isn’t focused toward one particular group, it’s community wide. It’s an in gym and out in the world challenge. It’s meant to carry you from waking to sleeping and everything in between.

Upon completion, my hope is that the challenge has a lasting effect. That it had a positive effect on your one week, so you want to continue your efforts and make things a little better every day.

A couple weeks after you’re finished with the challenge, if you feel the effects are starting to dwindle, bookmark this article and come read it again to start the process over.

SO here’s the challenge:

Upon waking: Smile.  To yourself, to your significant other, to your dog. Just smile.


Walking out your door: Pay a compliment to the first person you have a conversation with. Whomever they are, for whatever reason, it will probably feel uncomfortable but DO IT.

hayden_panettiere copy

When you’re working out: Support someone else’s efforts. If they’re trying to learn something new, going for a max effort, or showing up to the gym for the first time, let them know your notice.


Repeat these steps every day for a week. Mini Challenge Complete!

Hidden within these three steps are a library of benefits and life changing physiological elements. Make this a test, re-test sample period (to take an idea form Kelly Starrett). Take note of how you’re feeling today, and on the last day of your challenge, then compare.

Add your thoughts, suggestions, and feelings to the comments.