Monkey See, Monkey Snatch!
Written by Cat Blatner

We learn a lot by just watching. Sometimes practicing movements such as Olympic lifts can be frustrating because of the high level of technique that is demanded. It can become confusing and frustrating if we just aren’t understanding the movement to the fullest. Do your homework when it comes to technique. Sometimes it takes watching others to make yourself feel comfortable with certain movements.

If you are on Instagram or Facebook, you know firsthand that there are videos everywhere on Olympic lifting. Whether Joe Shmoe just posted his new PR or Kendrick Farris is busting some 700# snatch (a little exaggeration of course) there are lots of different videos that you can easily get your hands on.

Which Videos would be best to watch?

It’s true that everyone posts videos, but just because they set a new PR or hit a great number on their lifts, sometimes it might not be the most technically sound lift and so watching mediocre lifters might not be the best way to study. HookGrip posts videos on a daily basis of some elite lifters. Not only are they great videos but these videos are often in slow motion so you can really watch the movement of the bar happen step by step. Take a look at their YouTube, Instagram or Facebook posts and you will see what I mean.

Side by Side Comparison

If you really want to improve your lifts, take videos of yourself lifting and compare those videos to the ones you have been studying. Try to notice differences and compare the technique that is used on your lift versus. someone who has excelled in the sport can really help the learning process. This can open your eyes to some poor habits that have hindered your progress thus far!

Olympic lifting doesn’t come naturally to most of us. There are many different pieces to both the snatch and the clean and jerk. Understanding the movement first makes a world of a difference when trying to execute. It’s pretty awesome what can be accomplished by just watching and learning from other athletes!

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