The Invictus Mindset Podcast – The Storyteller’s Story
Written by Bryce Smith

It’s coming! It’s finally coming! The Invictus Mindset Podcast has been a pet project for over a year now and the launch date is upon us. What is the Invictus Mindset Podcast, you ask?

The Invictus Mindset Podcast will explore humans as a whole rather than just in the fitness realm. We are interested in the lifestyle tactics used by the world’s top performers and how they implement those tactics to help elevate themselves and the world around them. Fitness will be used as a foundational platform to explore all aspects of human optimization. 

A Collection of Stories…

We are all a collection of stories and based on all of our stories – good, bad, and everything in between – we are able to help define who we are. Who we are and what we value is derived from common themes within our stories. 

Finding our life purpose takes a lot of inward looking and deeper thinking. I am interested in what it is that makes us tick. What deep underlying events have helped to shape who we are, what we do, and how we interact with the world. I want to know why we are the way we are. 

The Invictus Mindset Podcast is an exploration into the minds and lives of tremendously successful people and their stories that we can all learn from. It is an experience where we dive into the thoughts, actions, and experiences of our guests and embark on an adventure of discovery and unlocking of our true human potential by utilizing the lessons learned, the relationships made, and the actionable tips shared. I look forward to traveling this unique journey with you into the land of becoming the best version of ourselves.


Invictus Owner & Founder; CJ Martin (preview the episode)

The Fittest One-Arm Man In the World; Logan Aldridge

Creator & Producer of the Netflix Hits Last Chance U and Cheer; Greg Whiteley

Big Wave Surfer, Founder of XPT & All Around Waterman; Laird Hamilton

Olympic Lifting Guru & Strength Coach; Mike Burgener

Pro Volleyball Player, Model, Athlete, Entrepreneur; Gabby Reece

Founder of StrongFit & Fitness Scientist; Julien Pineau

The Storyteller’s Story…

July 3, 2018.

That date will forever be ingrained in my memory because that is the day my dad lost his battle with brain cancer. When he passed, I felt a part of me died as well. My dad was not a perfect dad. He drank too much sometimes, had financial stresses, had very little patience, and struggled with anxiety and depression.

He did two things incredibly well though. He loved my mom unconditionally, and he believed in me and my siblings wholeheartedly. I grew up knowing what true love was because I saw it every day. I saw how they helped each other out and gap filled the other one’s shortcomings. His belief in me has enabled me to always believe everything was going to be okay. Read more.

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