Adaptive CrossFit Games Champion 

Dive into Challenges with CrossFit Games Champion Casey Acree. The 2021 upper extremity Crossfit Games champion has been a pioneer in integrating adaptive divisions into CrossFit competitions worldwide.

Adaptive Athlete

Casey has been an innovator on the coaching side of CrossFit as well, where he has developed an adaptive athlete training program called Summit Systems.

Adaptive Games

We were able to see his work on the biggest stage when the CrossFit Games added six new adaptive divisions to the Games. He shares his mindset on working hard and having a competitive spirit, leading to many outstanding accomplishments, including a 2021 CrossFit Games Title. Through Casey’s hardwork and CrossFit’s commitment to inclusion, there are many opportunities to come for the CrossFit Adaptive divisions.

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Podcast Timeline

(0-2:560 Intro to Casey’s childhood and developing his love for sport plus Casey’s lifetime lifting PR’s.

(2:57-13:09) Finding the benefits in working hard

(13:51-20:25) Developing knowledge in exercise science

(26:24-29:00) Progressing into adaptation with CrossFit movements

(31:25-36:30) Adaptive CrossFit competitions (36:50-43:00) 


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