Bethany Shadburne

CrossFit Games Competitor Bethany Shadburne

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Check in with five-time CrossFit Games competitor Bethany Shadburne. Learn about Bethany’s journey through the world of fitness from gymnastics to bodybuilding then eventually finding CrossFit. The 2021 West Coast Classic champion shares about her success and how she is able to deal with adversity by trying to find the positive in every situation. Bethany shares great insight on the power of having strong training partners. She gives us insight into her training camp in Las Vegas, NV with fellow CrossFit Games athletes Kari Pearce and Danielle Brandon.

Timeline of Bethany Shadburne Podcast 

CrossFit training camps (0:00 – 5:00)

Childhood & finding CrossFit (5:01 – 9:25)

Dealing with injuries & managing stress (9:26 – 18:00)

2019 CrossFit Games experience (18:01 – 22:17)

Relationships (22:20 – 25:00)

Moving to Las Vegas & Training Camps (26:50 – 40:00) 


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