CrossFit Games Athlete Kristin Holte at CrossFit Invictus San Diego

Meet Kristin Holte!
Interview by Nichole DeHart

Meet Kristin Holte – she is a rock star! She is 28 years old, studied Clinical Nutrition at the University of Oslo, is currently finishing her Master’s thesis and qualified for the 2014 CrossFit Games in one of the hardest regions, Europe. She stuck to a solid training plan, had a great mindset and stayed focused all weekend while competing alongside some of the top level CrossFitters in the world. We are very fortunate to have worked with Kristine and are so happy to see all her hard work paying off. Definitely watch for this dark horse at the Games and show her some Sea of Green love!

Kristin: I finished 7th in my first European Regional in 2013. That’s when I decided that I was going to The Games one day. I didn’t believe it was going to be this soon though. I love what I do and it feels like I am living my dream these days.

Nichole: How did you become a part of the Sea of Green?

Kristin: Christer Idland, who has been a part of the Sea of Green for several years, introduced me to the Invictus Competition blog in 2013. I really liked the programming, and began to follow it after Regionals 2013.

Nichole: What was your athletic background before CrossFit?

Kristin: I have been doing all kinds of sports: Gymnastics, Dancing, Track and field (heptathlon, 400 m hurdle, pole vault), Soccer, Triathlon, Cross-country skiing and Running.

Nichole: This is your first time to the CrossFit Games, what are you most looking forward to?

Kristin: I look forward to the whole experience of going to The Games; travel to California for the first time, meet new people, compete against the fittest women on earth and just have a great time. I think it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Nichole: How has being a part of the Sea of Green helped you compete?

Kristin: By following the competition blog I have been introduced to and “forced” to do all kinds of movements and workouts that may show up in a competition. The program has revealed my weaknesses and forced me to work on them, and by that made me a better CrossFitter.

Nichole: What workout would you be so happy to see at the CrossFit Games?

Kristin: A long run and lots of burpees!

Nichole: How do you mentally prepare yourself for competition?

Kristin: I do mental training with a coach; visualization, mind state, focus and how to cope with pain are among the topics we go through. During a competition it is all about focus, determination and positive thinking. I try to focus on myself only and how I can perform my best.

Nichole: What is one tip you would give to someone who is looking to be a more competitive CrossFitter?

Kristin: Be patient and believe in yourself!

Nichole: How has becoming an Invicti helped you improve inside the gym and outside the gym?

Kristin: It has prepared me well for The Open, Regionals and Games. I have learned a lot about training and programming, and that you need a structured plan to get where you want. I have seen the importance of being in a community to share ideas, thoughts and plans with others. The supportive community of The Sea of Green amazes me, and I am proud to be a part of it!