Matt O'Keefe

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CrossFit Manager & Entrepreneur, Matt O’Keefe

Matt O’Keefe is the president of Loud & Live sports and has been a pioneer in legitimizing the sport of fitness for top CrossFit Athletes. Loud and Live Sports operates CrossFit events such as Wodapalooza, West Coast Classic, and Granite Games. We dive into his mindset on managing the best CrossFit athletes in the world. Matt shares about the power of friendship with his clients and how that has created special opportunities and relationships. 

Creating & Evolving CrossFit Events with Matt O’Keefe

Through the leadership of Matt O’Keefe, Loud and Live Sports continues to operate many top-tier CrossFit events. Matt discusses the power of leadership through empowerment. He gives us insight into how the hundreds of volunteers are the magic behind the scenes that are able to make these amazing events happen. To hear more about one of their biggest events of the year, West Coast Classic, tune into 22:05 of this episode. This past year Invictus had two teams and two individuals compete at WCC and we documented their journey.

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Matt O’Keefe Podcast Timeline

(0:00 – 2:04) – Introduction 

(2:14 – 5:00) – Behind the scenes of Loud & Live Sports 

(5:20 – 10:20) – Managing top CrossFit athletes 

(11:20 – 15:07) – Matt’s upbringing & forming meaningful relationships  

(15:17 – 21:54) – Storytelling through Loud & Live events 

(22:05 – 26:08) – The power of leadership through empowerment 

(26:23 – 31:04) – Finding CrossFit 

(33:37 – 34:18) – Jumping in workouts with CrossFit Games athletes 

(34:20 – 36:40) – Mindset chunking, “every moment is an opportunity to begin again” 

(36:50 – 39:35) – Family time & finding balance 

(39:40 – 42:40) – Finding time to golf & Nobull’s emergence onto the golf scene 

(42:41 – 52:14) – Dealing with the adversity of the pandemic & Doing the right thing

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