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Buttery Bro Marston Sawyers

Marston Sawyers is a CrossFit Filmmaker and one-half of the Buttery Bros. He always had an interest in videography from an early age and takes us along his journey where he was able to combine his two passions of fitness and videography. Marston has helped in directing, filming, and editing many amazing CrossFit movies including The Redeemed and Dominant, The Fittest, and Resurgence. Resurgence was the most recent movie to come out and documents the 2020 CrossFit Games season by exploring how top CrossFit athletes were able to overcome so many obstacles to compete at the 2020 CrossFit Games.

Marston Sawyers | Creating a Worldwide Business

The Buttery Bros Youtube channel has over 157 thousand subscribers with a worldwide following of their brand. The Buttery Bros are known to be always working and Marston discusses their ability to create joy during stressful times by getting energy from their passion for creating content to share with the world. They have built an amazing business plan through the tutelage of Matt O’Keefe. The Buttery Bros are continuing to expand their reach through connecting with brands and starting their own supplement company called 3,2,1 Podium. The Buttery Bros and the Invictus media team both created Youtube videos documenting the 2021 CrossFit games. Watch both videos with the links below!

Buttery Bros Games Recap 

CrossFit Invictus Games Recap

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Marston Sawyers Podcast Timeline

(0:00 – 4:18) Introduction & Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run 

(4:25 – 7:54) Benefits of a cold plunge 

(7:57 – 11:09) Creating excitement & joy within stressful times 

(11:12 – 13:50) Developing a relationship with Heber Cannon 

(14:00 – 16:45 ) Formulating a business plan with the Buttery Bros 

(16:49 – 20:42) Building relationships with athletes 

(20:52 – 26:24 ) Marston’s journey into content creation 

(26:35 – 30:08 ) The process of telling an athletes story through filmmaking

(31:04 – 33:30) Finding solutions in fitness 

(33:37 – 36:20) Making decisions with the Buttery Bros 

(37:17 – 46:00) CrossFit film: Resurgence

(46:09 – 54:10) Development of Podium

(54:16 – 1:01:42) Episode wrap up


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