Margaux Alvarez

Margaux Alvarez is a Fitness Tastemaker

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Margaux Alvarez is a CrossFit Games athlete and owner of GOAT Wine. She is a seven-time CrossFit Games athlete and has always pushed her limits of physical fitness. If you watched the Titan Games then you know what we are talking about. They discuss the power of vulnerability and how that has lead Margaux to many different successes and innovations throughout the world of fitness. The concept of embracing what we can control is touched on by Margaux. She shares the importance in her life of having a mindset where we are using what we can control to benefit the lives of others, specifically in the world of fitness.

Barbells to Barrels with Margaux Alvarez

Margaux is the owner of GOAT Wine based out of Las Vegas, NV. The company maintains a movement and fitness focus with their mantra being “Work Hard-Wine Down”. There are many parallels between fitness and wine and Margaux likes to focus on the process that both take to accomplish your goals. GOAT Wine has hosted over one hundred yoga and wine nights which include 30 minutes of yoga followed by a wine tasting where you can learn about GOAT Wine and the creation process. The Invictus athlete video with Margaux is a great place where you can hear about her experience with Invictus and the creation of her wine label.

Timeline of Margaux Alvarez Podcast

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(0:00 – 3:00) – Introduction

(5:40 – 6:50) The power of vulnerability

(7:00 – 9:40 ) – Margaux’s upbringing & finding love for trying new things 

(9:45 – 13:20) – Introduction to CrossFit 

(13:30 – 16:34  – The mindset of isolation within individual sports 

(17:30 – 22:44) – Finding Direction and Identity 

(22:52 – 29:06) Journey into competitive CrossFit & first experience at Invictus Fitness

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