Did anyone run the San Diego Half Marathon yesterday?  I heard it was an amazing experience for folks running into Petco park for the finish.

I know Miné set a PR with an unofficial time of 1:51 which included running up Washington St.  – how about that?  Did anyone else PR?

Here is the week of training –

Short Intervals – 4 x 400s with 4 minutes rest

Long Intervals – 5 Min on, 2:30 Min off, 6 Min on, 3 Min off, 7 Min on.. Done

Time Trial – 5K  (benchmark workout to build for the season), we will do this again in 12 weeks

Please post times and distances to comments

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andrew borrelli
andrew borrelli
March 17, 2012 10:10 am

Did 5k in 28:46…felt like I was going a lot faster though. I blame the cold rain and wind 🙂