Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite CrossFitter
Written by Jared Putman

It’s official – we are inside the 12 days to Christmas. If you’ve been scratching your head looking for the perfect gift for your favorite CrossFitter, or someone who is curious to start, we’ve got this last-minute guide for you.

Don’t know where to start? Answering the question “how long have they been doing CrossFit?” can be used as a helpful framework for your gift purchasing.

Gifts for Athletes Who Are Newer to CrossFit

Jump Rope
Double-unders are one of those “first goals” that often pop up on an athlete’s lists of wants in the gym. All good jump rope coaches will tell you the first and most important step in getting proficient at double-unders is having your own rope. It is cut to your height/skill level and you learn how it feels and how to control it. Plus if you can take it home with you, it is an easy at home warm-up and practice session without a ton of warm-up. A good solid first rope is either a RX Smart Gear Original Rope or the Rogue Fitness SR-1 Speed Rope.

I laugh all the time with athletes about how one of the main reasons I got into CrossFit is because I love the shoes. Nowadays, there are several brands always coming out with new styles and colors for you favorite CF sneakerhead. Recommended everyday class shoe: Nike Invictus Metcon 4, find a pair in their size.

Gainzbox is a monthly subscription box packed with CrossFit goodies, apparel, snacks, supplements and equipment. Pick a plan that fits your budget!

Gym Bag
The downside for having all of the CrossFit gear, toys, and clothes is you have to carry it. Why not carry it in something that reflects your love of your favorite gym? But seriously, don’t underestimate the importance of having a solid gym bag that can hold change of clothes, shoes and hopefully, deodorant in your trunk ready to go will help with those crazy days when you’re running late. See the bag: Invictus Nike Duffel Bag

Gifts for the Seasoned CrossFit Vet

If your Secret Santa recipient/victim isn’t new at all, rather they’ve got years under their belt and have all the normal gadgets and gizmos, for them, you’ll need something a bit outside the box.

Tactical Weight Vest
A growing favorite and popular training tool in recent years is the weight or tactical plate vest. Every year around Murph-time, people start clamoring for them. Get ahead of the curve and let them break it in and start training with it now. CrossFit Games quality. Here’s the one they want: 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier

Whoop Band
This is a newer gift idea that recently changed how they structure their sales. Whoop has been the elite level wearable device for professional athletes for the past several years. This June, rather than a hefty 500-600 price tag, they shifted it to a 30$ a month membership fee and the wearable is included. If they are curious about HRV, their sleep and recovery habits, this could be a fantastic gift for the tech guru lifter. Check this out for coach Kayla’s review on this product and other fitness trackers. Order a Whoop Band.

Knee Sleeves
Protect those knees and keep them warm on colder days. Recommend a general 5mm thickness for most people. This is a popular brand: Bear Komplex

Personal or Semi-Private Training Sessions
I can you bet you they know the things they have been reluctant to work and/or need to tackle with a coach. Help them out and purchase a session or a block of sessions with their favorite coach to help them get over that hurdle or bump. If your athlete is in San Diego, or visiting San Diego, they can contact us to set one up! We also have a number of online programs available to those who live afar but still want the benefit of Invictus coaching. Check them out here.

Stocking Stuffers for Any Level of Athlete

Wrist Wraps
Wrist wraps are a great stocking stuffer. They come in lots of cool designs and colors. They will offer support to the wrists as they grow, and provide a sense of stability and assurance as you are throwing weight over head. Recommended: Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps

T-Shirts/Tank Tops
Can’t go wrong with a new t-shirt from their favorite brands. Here are some suggestions for different designs designs here (we might be a little biased).

Gotta look stylish and they help protect the shins during deadlifts, lifting and rope climbs. Stance is one of our favorite brands – they have such fun designs! They are a little expensive but they last and can stand up to the beatdown of whatever your athlete puts them through.

Still having trouble picking the perfect gift? We would be happy to help! Just shoot us an email with any questions!

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