Keep Moving Forward
Written by Dylan Cox

As a youngster growing up with an endurance athlete for a dad, going for a run a couple times per week was a regular occurrence. During these runs, which I at that time loathed, I was learning a very important lesson for both my athletic career as well as my life and the career/s to come.

I specifically remember what he said to me, as we were running a trail around the lake in Lodi, CA, the small country town that I called home until I graduated high school. I was actually training for my first triathlon at the age of 8 and DID NOT LIKE TO RUN. I was a great swimmer, and I loved my bike. But running was a pain in my rear, simply because I wasn’t like my dad in that he loved running.

As I was complaining about something, probably about how my side was hurting or something else an eight-year-old could come up with, my father told me something I have applied to my life in so many ways; “Dylan, I don’t care how slow you go. You can run if you want, you can walk if you want, but you will not stop. You will always keep moving forward.”

He demanded this from me then, and it is still something that he holds me accountable for today in all aspects of my life. And for that incredible lesson, I am so very thankful.

There have been incredible successes in my life, where I have exceeded all expectations. On the flip side, there have been even greater shortcomings and failures. During those failures, the hard times, the times in which digging in deep and grinding through has been vital, that concept of moving forward has stuck with me. Life will throw all sorts of curve balls and tough times your way. It will be wonderful in a moment and then the next might seem like a life threatening storm that may never end. Having a mentality of not stopping, no matter how small the steps being taken may be, is so very important to not only get through what ever challenge there is, but also succeeding on the other side of it.

Walt Disney said, “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Disney had it right about his company, but as with many of the things that he said he meant to instill a lesson to be applied to any area in life. So whether you’re looking to do a workout, change jobs or careers, move to a different area, push through a hard time or a struggle, or go for a run, remember those words. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re doing it (I mean, most times guys; we’re not talking about competitions here), it doesn’t matter if you have to take two steps back to take a step forward, it doesn’t matter how small the steps either as long as you keep moving forward. Continue to strive for the best you can do and the rest will take care of itself.

So as we approach the New Year and transition away from the holidays, keep a couple things in mind: when it gets tough keep moving forward and even if there’s a seemingly insurmountable task ahead, be it to gain weight/muscle or to lose weight, keep your head down. Keep pushing. Keep working hard. And you guessed it…keep moving forward!

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