Justin Gallo: Elevating the Level of Invictus & the World
Written By Bryce Smith

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason. When I first began coaching Justin Gallo, I never knew the superpowers he possessed and the magic he could share with the world.

As I have gone through life challenges, I have often times turned to him for advice, and he has always been there to help shift my perspective and force me to think.

That is exactly it.

These days, most of us go through the day to day on autopilot and never truly think about how we want things to be. To be honest, I am an incredibly stubborn person, so if something is working, I will always fight and give push back. Through a wide variety of suggestions on his end, he has been able to get me to surrender to two things that have saved my life.

Justin lays it to me straight. He paints a picture so I can see the current scenario, and then he paints a couple most pictures showing me the world in a different light. Some may call him and psychological artist, others may call him a professional perspective shifter. The bottom line is, he challenges me to think outside the box.

In any industry, whether it is fitness or finance, we often get stuck in our routine thought patterns which can end up like a hamster spinning a wheel. This becomes monotonous and repetitive which leads to lack of motivation and intrinsic drive. Justin has guided me to the world of meditation.

For so long, I managed stresses and emotions with working out, sports, and distraction. I was unaware that I never really sat to fully understand and comprehend the direction of my life.

Growing up, I had two very selfless parents. They would give you the shirts off their backs. This is a great characteristic to have and really shows an authentic care for others. The problem is, they never replaced their shirts after they gave them away.

I fortunately and unfortunately inherited this characteristic. Justin helped me understand that I needed to set time aside to fill my own cup before filling the cup of others. This resonated with me immensely. I have made a life out of helping others, and somewhere along the journey forgot to help myself.

Thankfully, he and I have crossed paths and meditation has grounded me through gratitude. It has shifted my thoughts and my self talk to appreciation rather than frustration. I no longer ask, “Why is this happening to me?” but rather, “What can I learn from this experience?” This gentle shift and prioritizing time to reflect and think has become a sacred time for me and others. So many of us wear so many hats in life and it is easy to get caught up in the cloudy chaos of it all, but journaling and meditation has given me clarity and freedom.

The meditation did not stop with me. Justin has suggested it to many others and has helped many people gain freedom from the discipline of exercise and meditation. You will see a few others training at Invictus who were headed down the wrong path of chasing money, doing drugs, and making poor choices. Justin saw this, identified the issuers, and casually invited people to come with him to train at Invictus.

These people have since had body composition changes, enhanced their income at work, developed deeper and more meaningful relationships, and used fitness as a foundational tool to make the rest of their lives better. Justin has introduced me to not only meditation, but to magicians, psychologists, books, podcasts, lectures, and people that have all helped me grow as a human being.

The world we live in has so much distraction with social media and the evolution of the internet that sometimes we lose sight of what really matters. Selfishly, I wanted to highlight Justin, because in my opinion, he teaches me more than I could ever teach him. He has the ability to and does help others and constantly elevates the level of Invictus.

He sets a high standard that doesn’t just translate to better workouts, better body composition, faster and more efficient movement, more weight lifted, but making the rest of the world – especially Invictus – better.

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