Joy’s Perspective of this Journey
Interview by Tricia Moore

Today, we meet and celebrate Joy Morrison!! Joy typically trains in the AM session and she is all about the journey. She is humble and kind. A supportive wife, mother, and friend. Don’t let her quiet and shy nature fool you. She is a fierce warrior. I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of her journey.

How long have you been with Invictus? 
I started Invictus SD in May 2019, so just over 1 year. I started training because it makes me feel like a stronger woman both mentally & physically. It’s made me very aware of what I am capable of doing and I love that. My favorite part of coming to Invictus is learning new things each day, like gymnastics & Oly lifts. I wasn’t aware of most of the movements before and now look forward to them.

What do you miss most? 
I miss stopping at the front desk on my way in and chatting…I miss chatting with the other members…chatting with the Coaches….I probably shouldn’t be chatting so much but, yeah. 

What has been the best part of this time for you? 
The best part of Quarantine has been learning to quiet down my own internal noise. I didn’t realize how busy I made myself, even when I wasn’t busy…I was busy. Just being still never seemed good enough or normal, I needed to be in movement or creating some list of some sort, constantly. Not saying that I haven’t been making a lot of plans for when this ends but I’m in a calm space. I’m also able to sit with my kids and appreciate the time it takes together to do a large puzzle & read together. I’ve found that I am pretty good at Crossword puzzles.

How do you celebrate your fitness?  
Some might not call this a celebration but I like to go hiking & backpacking anywhere from 2 miles with my children to 21 miles up a steep mountain. I love being outdoors on my own with just my necessities and tent on my back and waking up with the sunrise and a cup of instant camp coffee I made from my pocket stove. Yes, it fits in your pocket. I love doing long tenting road trips across Utah & Oregon with my kids and teaching them all about the wilderness.

What was the first thought that went through your mind when you heard about the Shelter In Place Order? 
I want to know if we could still go into the woods and drive across the country. I can homeschool from anywhere.

How have you engaged with your family and friends? 
I actually FaceTime my mom 1-2 times a week, she only lives 10 minutes from me. I’ve driven by her house and we have waved to her from the car. I stay in touch with friends through FaceTime socials, texts, IG and FB.

What has been the biggest challenge for you? 
Seeing my kids miss out on playing with other children. It’s not the same on a social device. They need to run around and chase each other and have that type of closeness. Children need to be with other children. It’s sad to see these kids being kept away from each other. 

What are you focused on during this time?  
I’m focused on keeping my time more flexible and open and not micromanaging every minute of mine and my family’s time together. I’m staying focused on keeping my fitness and staying strong and healthy. My “why” is very important to me. I’ve seen a lot of growth and change over this last year. I just want to continue to build from here.


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