Glute Activation

Is Your Badonkadonk Activated?
Written by Bryce Smith

Your bandonkadonk may not be firing properly, which can limit your potential in the gym and can lead to low back pain. In fact, glute activation could be one of the keys to solving the world’s problems. If your kids are driving you nuts, squeeze your glutes and they will become little angels. If a co-worker is being incredibly rude, squeeze your glutes and they will become nice. If you overcook the chicken and it now tastes like rubber, squeeze your glutes and the chicken will be moist and just right. HA!

Some of those things listed above are things we joke about but in all seriousness, glute activation is linked to proper positioning of the midline, which will save your lumbar spine from injury.

There are tons of inappropriate glute cues out there like squeeze a carrot in between your butt cheeks, practice prison defence, etc. Although silly to some and offensive to others, these cues are over the top for a reason – so you don’t forget to squeeze your glutes! While most of you conceptually grasp this concept, you may have a hard time with the application process. Because most of us sit in a chair all day our glutes our almost always inactive. Many of us assume the awful “Saturday Night Position”, with the ribs up and butt back. The problem with sitting too much is that the hip flexors and psoas are shortened causing tightness and in the process causing weak and lengthened glutes. The old saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it!” definitely holds true with regards to the glutes. The same holds true for the “Saturday Night Position” which causes a massive lordosis or excessive lumbar curve. All of these things put unnecessary stress on the low back.

So how do we fix it?

Here are some of my favorite glute activation drills:

1)   Single Leg Hip Bridges

2)   Monster Walks

3)   Fire Hydrants

4)   Modified Clamshell

5)   Squeeze your butt every time you can

By applying these simple glute activation drills, you will have a better chance of keeping your low back safe and your pelvis more stable. In addition, you will also have an easier time reaching maximal hip extension in functional movements like the kettlebell swing, the snatch, and the clean.

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