Invictus X team members – Jenn Dancer, Kaitlyn Kassis, Sam Dancer & Holden Rethwill – celebrate their 2nd place finish.

Invictus X Takes 2nd Place at the 2018 CrossFit Games!

There are so many highlights from this past weekend’s CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, but one of the biggest accomplishments of the weekend for Invictus Athletes was Team Invictus X making the podium after a grueling week of events. They started strong and finished even stronger – placing 2nd then 1st in the final two events of the weekend!

We will be publishing more of the results and highlights throughout the next couple of weeks and there are many people to thank, but for now, A HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to Invictus X team members Sam Dancer, Jenn Dancer, Kaitlyn Kassis and Holden Rethwill and their coaches CJ Martin and Tino Marini on their 2nd place finish at the CrossFit Championship of the World – the CrossFit Games.