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Tommy Marquez Peaks & Valleys of Crossfit

This week, Bryce talks to Tommy Marquez. He is part of the CrossFit Games broadcast team and founder/Co-host of Talking Elite Fitness. A self-proclaimed fitness nerd shares his thoughts on the changes in CrossFit leadership and what he foresees for the future of the sport of CrossFit.

Tommy Marquez Timeline

(01:35): CrossFit Games season AFTER PARTY celebration
(06:16): 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games: Introducing athletes
(13:43): Thoughts on Adrian Bosman’s performance
(22:54): Best CrossFit programming and workout
(29:03): Program design execution
(38:43): CrossFit Games 2022: Swimming events
(44:25): Factors that create bias in competitions
(52:11): Learnings from the media industry
(1:00:01): CrossFit changes, leadership, and future
(01:05:03): Eric Roza leadership role
(01:09:32): What to expect with Talking Elite Fitness?


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