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Commentating Elite Fitness Sean Woodland

CrossFit Games commentator and Talking Elite Fitness host, Sean Woodland. Sean has over 20 years of broadcasting experience and has turned his passions of broadcasting and CrossFit into an amazingly impactful career. He shares how sees the sport of CrossFit growing underneath the tutelage of Eric Roza and the young star power in the sport with the likes of Justin Mederios and Haley Adams. 

CrossFit Season

Sean has been in the CrossFit space commentating for over a decade and has had the ability to see the sport of CrossFit evolve in so many ways. This year the CrossFit season begins on February, 24th with the CrossFit Open. We will see a similar structure to last year where we have the Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the CrossFit Games. Check out the blog written by Invictus Coach Holden Rethwill to get ready for the 2022 Open. 

Sean Woodland Podcast Timeline

(02:42): John Madden

(07:34): Basketball

(09:34): Commentating for NFL, PGA Tour, NASCAR, and more

(13:47): Turning Pro

(18:06): Discovering CrossFit

(27:38): Systems and Structures 

(32:10): Tommy Marquez

(40:23): Functional Media

(43:57): Turning on the Switch

(57:17): Creating Education for Customization

(01:01:31): Early Season Predictions

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