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Robb Wolf LMNT Hydration

This week Bryce sits down with Robb Wolf! Robb is the author of the Paleo Solution and Co-founder of LMNT. They discuss the power of fueling yourself properly, the Paleo diet, and why we need more salt.

“I’d been on a low-carb, whole-food diet for years, but something was holding me back. While working with my coaches, we unlocked a powerful insight: I needed more salt. Period.”

Robb Wolf Timeline

(01:57): How to recover from weightlifting workouts
(09:52): “Our health deteriorated due to changes in diet and lifestyle”
(13:51): What is the Paleo diet?
(24:33): “Gym space is a primary care medicine”
(34:02): Healthy food choices
(38:33: Paleo diet vs. ketogenic diet
(41:12): Pros and cons of fasting
(45:18): Benefits of fasting
(49:55): How to increase website traffic
(57:21): How did LMNT start and what is the importance of sodium?


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