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PJ Nestler XPT Experience

This week, Bryce talks to PJ Nestler! PJ helps athletes reach their full potential through his work as the Director of Performance with XPT. Coach PJ and XPT develop a performance lifestyle system focused on breath, movement, & recovery methods.

PJ Nestler Timeline

(03:34): Creating structures
(10:30): Change your plan, not your goals
(17:20): How to enhance behavior
(25:02): Taking your power back
(28:25): Differences between teaching and coaching
(37:11): Keep learning
(43:18): Connecting with people
(46:51): Developing your awareness to challenge your self-doubts
(52:19): Navigating complexities
(56:49): Five (5) pillars at XPT (Extreme Performance Training)
(1:08:15): “How you do one thing is how you do everything”
(1:11:31): Learning from your failures
(1:17:59): PJ Nestler’s role at FitLab and XPT  (Extreme Performance Training)


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